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Cheat Mountain Woodworks offers a full line of custom hand-built crafts, furniture, décor, outdoor items, and many other things that can enhance and beautify your home, office, yard, and other areas.

Most of the creations you see are from my own plans, or no plans at all...freestyle woodworking!  Usually, even if I have a plan of some sort, something is changed to make it a unique item from CMW.  I also like to do some design brainstorming on occasion, and bring those things to reality in the shop.

If you'd like to have something custom built, or have any questions about CMW, please click the "Contact" link above to find out how to get hold of me.  I can help with design of your project, wood choice, colors/finishes, etc.

Once the new building is done, there will be a gallery/studio storefront on the south end where you can browse CMW creations for purchase.  There will also be other items available as time goes on...from hand picked antiques, scenic prints from local attractions (natural and man-made), and other hand-crafted and uniquely interesting items.
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