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Cheat Mountain Woodworks also sells Christmas wreaths, table centerpieces, pine planter arrangements, and (if they are available) Christmas trees.  The wreaths are handmade by us from local fir trees with store bought and hand collected nature items for decorations.  Each wreath gets its own bow of your color choice, optional color or white lights, and your choice of decorations.

In 2022, CMW started offering DIY wreath classes and they were a HUGE success.  We had 8 classes with 45 people total in attendance!  Learn how to build your own wreath, decorate as you wish, and even have the option of tying your own bow or having it tied for you.  You can also choose to build a centerpiece (complete with candles), or planter arrangements.  You can also bring a favorite item to make your centerpiece in.  Class size is limited, but multiple class dates are offered.  If you have a group that would like to have their own private class, that can be arranged also.  Classes will be offered again in 2023.  Classes are announced through Facebook on the Cheat Mountain Woodworks page.

In 2021, I was able to secure 40 Christmas trees at the last minute to offer for sale.  The trees sold out in less than 2 weeks.  I had spruce and white pine mostly, with a couple firs also sizes from 4'-12'.  I was unable to get any trees for 2022, as there were none available that I could order in 3 states.  I will try again for the 2023 Christmas season, and hopefully I can acquire some for sale...keeping my fingers crossed.

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